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Re-purposed clip-on rings by Holly Embry
February 10, 2009, 11:05 pm
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Hey everybody!! This is Holly from Hollyrocks.etsy.com, and I’ve got a sweet little Valentine’s Day tutorial for you. Here you will find out how to breathe new life into old clip-on earrings by making them into fantastic rings.

Materials needed: an old pair of clip-on earrings, a blank ring base, glue
Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

1.) Find a pair of clip-on earrings. You may find these at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or in your grandma’s jewelry box (but please ask before taking them).  These are the ones I used:


2.) Remove the clip-on attachment from the back of the earring. This is easiest on earrings which have been attached using an adhesive, soldered clip-ons present more of a challenge. You may need to use a razor blade to make sure there is no residue left from the old adhesive.

3.) Place the earring flat-side-up on a solid work surface. Apply a pea-sized drop of industrial strength glue such as e-6000.

4.) Firmly press the flat portion of the ring base onto the drop of glue. Hold it in place until the glue is tacky enough to keep the ring base in place.


5.) Let cure for at least 24 hours.

6.) Place ring on finger, behold how sparkly and eco-friendly you are in your new ring!




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Add to #6: If you are as gorgeous as Miss Holly, behold how you still slightly outshine your new ring. 😉

Comment by greyeyedesigns

Goodness, Brigid! That is so sweet of you to say!

Comment by hollyrocks

It’s true–such a pretty picture!

Comment by tulsacraftmafia

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