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Cake Pop How-To by tulsacraftmafia
July 4, 2010, 11:14 pm
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Tara, here.

I decided to experiment with ‘cake pops’, this weekend. Let me share with you some of the delicious successes and failures of this project:

To start, you need to bake a cake. The lovely thing about cake pops is that it doesn’t matter if your cake is uneven, falls flat or suffers from any other aesthetic maladies.  In fact, you can use leftover cake (that someone else baked!).  Crush up your cake with a fork.  I did this right in the pan, after letting the cake cool for 5-10 minutes.  Once you have a pan full of fluffy cake crumbs, stir in some icing (I added cream cheese icing to pineapple cake).  I added just enough that it blended into the cake to create a soft dough.

Now it’s time to make the balls.  I’ve read that you should refrigerate the “dough” before forming the balls, I’ve also read that you should make the balls and then refrigerate before dipping.  This is my experience:  1) I made balls and attempted to dip without ANY refrigeration.  DID NOT WORK OUT.  2) I refrigerated the “dough” for 15-20 minutes and then made balls to dip. WORKED OUT BETTER.  I would recommend refrigerating for a while before moving on to the next step.

So, now you’ll roll up little balls and place onto a candy/sucker stick. Be forewarned that large balls don’t fare well when dipped into the candy coating.  Melt a cup of “candy melts” (or chocolate or other dip).  Dip the balls and place on a prepared surface/stand to set.  You’ll fare better if you prepare a block of foam or other box/surface with sucker stick holes.    *Candy pops can get heavy, so if you are placing them in/on a container, make sure that you space  and balance them in a way that your block/surface does not tip over. This may have happened to me. 😉

You can also add-on sprinkles at this point.  Fancier decorations (icing/fondant/etc.) should probably go on after the coating has hardened.

You (and your children/spouse/friends/pets) will be tempted to try these before the coating cools.  They’re super good, but definitely not as good as refrigerated pops.  We let ours refrigerate overnight.

The result is a yummy and super-sweet treat! Next time, I’ll enlist an extra set of hands to make the process a bit smoother.

Now that you know how it’s done,  take those 4th of July cupcakes, smoosh them into cake pops and share your results with us!


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